The @babel/polyfill package allows you to emulate an ES6+ environment. Effectively, it ensures your ES6+ code is backwards compatible with older browsers and environments. It sounds like a golden fixture in modern JavaScript, right? Well, as of Babel 7.4.0, this powerful package had been deprecated. Composed of two dependent packages, core-js and regenerator-runtime, Babel now recommends installing them as dependencies and importing them at the top level of your application (think of index.js in a React app, for example).

  • regenerator-runtime: a package to support generator…

Hosting your React applications in the cloud can often be done without much difficulty. There’s a plethora of resources online, so with some light reading and some elbow grease, you could have your applications deployed in, what, 10 minutes (or less, seriously). However, what if you have multiple applications to host that warrants a limit in the number of S3 buckets you can provision? Amazon currently allows each account to use up to 100 buckets. That’s a small number if your company has a long list of applications to host, with one app per bucket. On top of that, if…

Karen Kua

Software developer specializing in React and Amazon Web Services.

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